50+ Club

The goal of the 50+ Club ministry is to provide spiritual and social programs to enhance the well-being of older persons and to provide compassion, presence, and assistance to those in need. This is a group of Seniors and non-Seniors who are aware that they have a contribution to make to the life of our parish community, even though may not be as active as in the past.
Contact Person: Lorraine Sparrow

African American Catholic Center for Evangelization

The African American Catholic Center for Evangelization (AACCFE) ministers to and serves the African American Catholic Community within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. AACCFE collaborates with the African Diaspora and other organizations to implement and promote programs of evangelization and education; provide opportunities to gather and share resources, talents, and gifts; identifies and addresses issues and concerns of the African American Catholic Community; raise the level of consciousness for the richness of the contributions of African Americans to the Catholic Church.
Contact Person: Anderson Shaw

Altar Servers

Boys and girls receive training to prepare them for the privilege of serving during liturgical celebrations and other church services. Minimum age: 5th grade and above.
Contact Person: Veronica Tatenco

Altar Society

This ministry creates an environment that contributes to the worship experience by evoking a sense of awareness of different liturgical seasons through creative and expressive church decorations. Contact Persons: Monica Lewis, Carmen Tatenco, and Veronica Tatenco

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry assists the family in their grieving process and especially in the planning of the funeral services. Also helps provide the family with grief counseling and any other services as needed.
Contact Persons: Thomas St. Julien, Sylvia Wingate, and Audrey Miller

Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study – expressly for the men of the parish. Group meets every first Tuesday of the month in the Acacia Center. Contact Person: Fr. Gus Taylor

Weekly Reflections Bible Study – Group meets Thursdays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, both in the Acacia Center.
Contact Person: Vacant

Journey Through the Bible – Every fourth Monday of the
month at 10:30 am.
Contact Person: Fr. Kenneth Ugwu

Young Adult Bible Study – Geared towards the young adult, the group meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the Acacia Center. Contact Person: Deacon Douglass Johnson

Brighter Day Youth Choir

The Brighter Day Youth Choir provides an opportunity for the Youth of the parish to come together and share their talents and love for music leading the assembly in sung prayer at several liturgies throughout the year; fostering a greater sense of the importance of the child’s own active participation in the liturgy and spirit of service to God. The choir also provides Youth, ages 5-17, the opportunity to learn the richness of African American gospel music, ministering every 4th Sunday at the 10:00am Mass.
Contact Person: Kathleen Brown

Campaign of the Heart

This is a fund raising committee whose goal is to raise money to bring our church up to modern-day specifications. Fundraising is a vital part of the parish community and needs the help and support of all parishioners.
Contact Person: Chairman, Clyde Sparrow (323) 770-4708 or

Choosewell 1st single-parent ministry

We spread God’s word to our single parent brothers and sisters who are in need of God’s love and support, but may be too shy or ashamed to speak up and ask for assistance.
Contact person: Lonnell McBroom Sr. (323) 734-8888


Acting as leaders of worship at Sunday masses, they move the congregation through the significant parts of the service with themes, scriptural commentaries, information, and announcements. The Commentator must be comfortable in the role of leader, must have a clear speaking voice and must have a strong command of the language.
Contact Person: Michael Williams

Knights of Peter Claver - Ladies Auxiliary Court 121

KPCLA provides limitless opportunities for zealous Catholics to work for their parish, school, and community.

Knights of Peter Claver – Council 121 

The following are our goals and objectives of KPC and KPCLA:
· To be supporters to the local parishes and to the Bishop of the diocese
· To participate collectively in various parish and community activities
· To promote civic improvements and social justice
· To encourage Lay Apostolic and Catholic action
· To make contributions to worthwhile causes
· To award scholarships and support education
· To foster recreational assemblies and facilities
· To develop youth in a positive, nurturing environment
· To provide social and intellectual fellowship for its members

Junior Knights and Junior Daughters are the youth division of the Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. and Ladies Auxiliary.

We extend a cordial invitation to all Catholics to join or reinstate your membership in the KPC, KPC Ladies Auxiliary, the Jr. Knights or Daughters. Please click on the respective links above for additional information.
Contact Persons: Grand Knight-Raphael Blount
Grand Lady-Franz Wiltz-Aubry

St. Vincent de Paul Society

In a spirit of justice, charity, and personal involvement, this ministry seeks to provide aid and comfort to the poor, the afflicted, and the lonely. Members of the Society make personal home visits, provide advocacy and support usually in the form of food vouchers, financial assistance, clothing, and furniture.
Contact Persons: Betty Menzies and Lou Edwards

Substance Abuse

A ministry to empower those burdened by substance abuse with reliance on a higher power. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.
Contact Person: Frank Prater (310) 410-4659-Home (323) 447-4350-Cell

The F.A.I.T.H. Young Adult Ministry

The F.A.I.T.H. (Fully – Anointed – Inspired – Through – Him) Young Adult Ministry movement explores the means of making faith meaningful and engaging to the 20’s and 30’s community of our day. We are “Young But Not Forgotten” singles and couples invited by our faith-filled and healing parish where our needs are addressed in a holistic manner. Our spirituality is nurtured, our gifts are affirmed, and our imagination is captivated. We are rooted in Jesus Christ, fulfilled in relationships with peers and mentors, and committed to service, justice, and peace in all parts of our lives. We have a steady growth of balanced and vibrant leaders, both young and old, ordained and lay, working collaboratively to realize this mission. We currently have the following Young Adult Programs: Shining F.A.I.T.H. Adult Choir, Covenant Bible Fellowship-Bible Study (every Tuesday @ 7:00 pm in the Acacia Center), Community Service Programs, Youth Mentorship Program, Retreat Programs, and “Faith Exchange” Speaker Events.
Contact Persons: Deacon Douglass Johnson and Sheree Johnson

Youth Ministry

Encourages the development of our youth to enable the acceptance of responsibility in the life of the community and society, and appreciation of working together to enjoy bible study, stories and experiences, outings, retreats, and FUN!
Contact Persons: Norma Mitchell and Gregory Warner Sr.

The Shining F.A.I.T.H. Young Adult Choir

The choir is open to all, college-age to 40 years of age. Our mission is to use the gift of song and praise to minister to God’s people in liturgy and other settings and to use song
and praise as a tool for evangelization. Designated rehearsals are held and the choir sings at various Masses and events. The members also get involved with various social justice activities.
Contact Person: Syreeta Scott

Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick and Shut-In

The purpose of this ministry is to visit the sick and shut-ins at home and in nursing homes and provide Communion.
Contact Person: Dolores Ricks and Velma Ottley

Extraordinary Ministers of the Cup

This ministry brings the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ to the People of God during liturgies and to the sick and shut-ins. It is the witnessing of faith in the real presence of Christ in the action of sharing in the Eucharistic meal of Christ’s sacrifice.  Contact Person: Laura Scott and Karen Pinson

Finance Committee

The Finance Council consults with the Pastor to review the results of operations for the parish and the school, to approve the budget for the upcoming year. In addition, the Finance Council members make use of their experiences and backgrounds to make recommendations to the Pastor in financial matters. Our goal is to assist the parish in raising funds and to monitor our expenses so that we are good stewards of the gifts that God has bestowed upon us.
Contact Person: Fr. Kenneth Ugwu

Garifuna Culture Group

The Garifuna Culture Group shares their Garifuna culture and celebrates a special Thanksgiving Mass every November in remembrance of their ancestors.
Contact Person: Martha Martinez (323) 232-6841

Girl Scouts

Young ladies participate in field trips, camping, cooking, arts and crafts, and selling cookies throughout the year. Meetings are held weekly on Saturdays.
Contact Persons: Yvette Levarity and Maude Wilkins

Health and Wellness Ministry

The Health and Wellness Ministry provides information and programs to assist parishioners with health issues and concerns. They provide an annual Flu Shot Clinic and general health reminders.
Contact Persons: Raphael and Martina Blount

Holy Name of Jesus School

HNOJ School seeks to educate children grades Kindergarten through 8th grade to become responsible, faith-filled individuals within the community and society.
Contact Person: Marva Belisle, Principal (323) 731-2255


The Ministers of Hospitality help to provide a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ for all Holy Name of Jesus Church members and visitors. They help serve the church community by reaching out to those who have strayed away from the church and provide help where it is needed the most.
Contact Person: Albert Haylock


The Lector Ministry calls for a person to grow in a warm and loving knowledge of Scripture, the living Word of God. The Lector is invited to enter a relationship with the Word that is creative, powerful and effective. A Lector is called to be a
communicator and a storyteller of the richness of God’s love for his people.
Contact Person: Raphael Blount

Marriage Encounter

Provides married couples of the parish the opportunity to experience the most successful and dynamic marriage enrichment experience the church has to offer the world today. It is a positive personal experience for those who want to enrich their already good marriage and make it better. The program offers couples a technique of effective communication they can use for the rest of their lives. Designed to expand and deepen the relationship and experience the joys as couples share together whether they’ve been married for a short time or for many years.
Contact Persons: Winston and Pansy Greene (661) 297-8271


The Mini-Kitchen is dedicated to Christ’s call of love for one another by actively sharing the basic physical and spiritual needs of life and preservation of human dignity for all people. The Mini-Kitchen serves a hearty meal on Monday – Thursday. Volunteers and donations are always welcome.
Contact Person: Catherine Brown

Morning Star Choir

A Gospel Choir whose music is deeply rooted in scripture and alive with contemporary awareness that provides an
uplifting and spirit-filled experience. Members are committed to ministering the word of God through song at the 10:00am Mass every Sunday except for the 4th Sunday of each month.
Contact Persons: John and Joan Allen

Music Ministries

Our music ministries enhance the worship experience at the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning liturgies with songs of praise and worship.
Saturday, 4:30 pm Mass – Contact Person: Eddie Hilley
Sunday, 8:00 am Mass – Contact Person: Sandy Wheeler
Sunday, 10:00 am Mass - Contact John and Joan Allen

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The purpose of the PPC is to reflect upon issues, concerns, or suggestions proposed by the Pastor that reflect the thinking, values, and style of our church and community. The PPC examines these issues in detail, and after deliberating, proposes recommendations for action and resolution.
Contact Person: Monica Lewis, President

Religious Formation Education (formerly C.C.D.)

Provides religious education to students from K-8 attending public schools in the Jefferson Park community. Classes are held each Saturday (Sept-May) from 9:30-11:00 am. Confirmation classes are held on Thursdays at 7:00 pm.
Contact Person: Catherine Brown

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.)

R.C.I.A. helps inquirers to examine belief in Jesus Christ, the Blessed Trinity and the teachings of Jesus Christ handed down through the apostles to the early Father and taught by the Catholics today. These rites are intended to help candidates and the assembly at mass to understand and celebrate the continual spiritual renewal of the Catholic Church.
Contact Person: Catherine Brown

Safeguard the Children Committee

Designed to develop and implement policies to ensure the safety of our children at ALL times. Classes on Child Sexual Abuse Training are held throughout the year.
Contact persons: Chairperson, Sharmaine Haylock (323) 731-7692 and Catherine Brown

Social Justice

The Holy Name of Jesus “Caring Connection” Restorative and Social Justice Ministry plans activities to create support for anger, violence, despair, death, destruction, revenge, and victims of crimes while ministering to the incarcerated and their families. Our vision is to break the cycle of hate, fear, neglect in our community by creating a “caring connection” of love and hope. The ministry includes special masses, retreats, support groups, letter-writing campaigns, mentoring programs, Bible Study and other events that will sow the seeds of love and hope.
Contact person: Deacon Douglass Johnson


The Usher ministry is for those chosen to reflect the warmth and welcome of Christ’s words: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me”. These ministers are committed to service at Eucharistic celebrations and provide order in the church at all times. They are dedicated to the assembly and the worshiping community and do so with joy, dependability, kindness, and reverence.
Contact Person: Albert Haylock

Worship Committee

This ministry plans and coordinates meaningful spiritual experiences for members of the parish through rich and prayerful liturgical celebrations throughout the church year.
Contact Person: Fr. Kenneth Ugwu


The choir is open to all, college-age to 40 years of age. Our mission is to use the gift of song and praise to minister to God’s people in liturgy and other settings and to use song
and praise as a tool for evangelization. Designated rehearsals are held and choir sings at various Masses and events. The members also get involved with various social justice activities.
Contact Person: Syreeta Scott


Holy Name of Jesus Church is a Roman Catholic Community rooted in a rich tradition of African American spirituality. We hear the call which Pope Paul VI spoke to all the sons and daughters of Africa: “You must give your gifts of Blackness to the whole Church”.

As a family of diverse African and Hispanic heritages, we are dedicated to proclaiming the saving message of Jesus Christ through spirit-filled worship, evangelization, Catholic education, and social justice outreach that respects, values, appreciates, and celebrates the cultural heritages of our diverse community.

We welcome all in fellowship; sharing our gifts and reflecting God’s love.

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