Church Reopening during the Covid-19 Pandemic



This plan is presently for Mass celebrated in the Holy Name of Jesus church with a capacity of 85 persons. 

  • All Faithful in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles remain dispensed from any obligation to attend Mass on Sunday (per Archbishop Jose Gomez) because of the continuation of restricted attendance and for concern for those over the age of 65 years or who have health concerns and need to avoid larger gatherings. No one should feel compelled to attend Mass in person and especially if not feeling well or potential symptoms of COVID19. 
  • The church has had a deep cleaning, and after each mass, the pews will be disinfected. Hand sanitation will be available for all visitors before and after mass. Nevertheless, people need to have clean hands before entering the church. 
  • Holy water containers at church entrances are empty; hymnals and missalettes are removed from pews. However, you may get your own missalette by a donation and bring it every Sunday with you. 
  • Volunteers/ushers will be stationed at the doors of the church whenever it is open. They will perform a variety of duties:
    • Greet all visitors. Screen each person for symptoms. Visitors should wash/sanitize their hands, and wear a face covering. 
    • Open the door for visitors to keep the points of contact to a minimum. Ushers should utilize facemask and gloves. 
    • Count visitors as they enter, to ensure that the number of visitors at any given time does not exceed the maximum number of people permitted - (85). 
    • Invite each group to a particular part of the church, where they should remain (no roaming around the church) and maintaining social distancing (six feet of separation except when two or more members of the same household sit adjacent to one another). 


  1. Parishioners are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass.
  2. Face Masks required on premises at all times. 
  3. All attending Mass must to keep social distance when entering or exiting.
  4. Only the handicap restroom will be open during Mass and will be sanitized as needed.
  5. Pews will be taped with blue & yellow tape, indicating available seating (every other and alternated side to-side) to maintain 6’ social distance
    1. Individuals will be seated two per pew, as designated by the seat tape
    2. Families from a single home may occupy a pew up to six persons. Please inform the volunteers/ushers of your family
  6. During Mass:
    1. Choir is suspended until further notice. Musician/Cantor will be used.
    2. Parish support offertory box will be placed at the central Isle (about 20ft from the entrance door). It is highly recommended to do online giving instead,
    3. Priest/Deacon/ to sanitize hands before communion and at the end of Mass and will distribute Holy Communion in the hand only. 
    4. Communion will be at the end of Mass. People will exit their pews from the middle aisle, approach the Priest/Deacon, and continue exiting from the designated door, keeping social distancing. 
    5. When you approach for Communion, please remain six feet from others in the line. • Place one hand under the other while keeping your fingers together, making “a throne for the King,” as St. Cyril of Jerusalem says. Receive the Host in your hand, then step six feet away from the minister. Then carefully loosen your facial covering (or mask by an ear loop), consume the Host, and replace the facial covering. 
    6. At the end of the Mass, maintain social distancing when exiting.
    7. Parishioners are requested to not congregate outside the church and to exit the premises
  7. Church Sanitization:
    • Once all parishioners have vacated the church, the doors will be locked to allow volunteers to sanitize the pews, etc. using the proper cleaning supplies. We have purchased the materials. (Parishioners are also welcomed to donate materials of their choice to the parish: Spray Lysol, hand sanitizer gels, wipes, nitrile gloves etc.)
  8. No social sharing of food or drink (hospitality) before or after Mass or any other gathering. 

Live-streaming of Mass remains available: 10:00 AM – English, and 12:30 PM - Spanish. 

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